Is Wolverine still dead?!


God dammit! Wolverine is alive again as of September 27 2017!

The runt stayed "dead" for 154 weeks.

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When Marvel first announced the super-mega-crossoveriest super-mega-crossover event of all time, The Death of Wolverine, one question immediately sprang to mind: how long will Wolverine stay dead?

The surly Canadian mutant has long served as the moral compass of the Marvel Universe, advisor to heroes like Captain America, lover or object of sexual desire to every woman in the Marvel Universe, protector of children (unless they're his own in which case he'll stab or drown them to death), member of every superhero team, berserker warrior and wise monk. Oh, and his guest appearances boost the sales of any book he shows up in. How can the Marvel Universe get along without him?

They can't, bub! Wolverine is the best he is at what he does, and what he does is completely oversaturate the market!

So it's only a matter of time before Wolverine returns in the super-mega-crossover event Wolverine Reborn, complete with weapon-etched die-cut 3D hologram foil embossed Milo Manara butt-in-the-air variant covers for the special Wolverine Reborn #1.NOW!!!.SNICKT debut issue. And that, of course, will lead into the long-awaited Crisis of Infinite Wolverines.

And that could happen any day!

That's why we've decided to provide this useful and important service: Is Wolverine Still

Check back every day and find out at a moment's notice if Wolverine is still dead. We'll also track post-death Wolverine appearances, which we expect to number in the triple digits by the time Wolverine returns.

So bookmark this page, true believers! Check back frequently, Follow us on Twitter @TheOuthousers and Facebook and tell us if you see Wolverine in a comic after his death. We'll keep this page updated with all the information you need on Marvel's number one soon-to-be-alive-again mutant, Wolverine.

Wolverine Appearances Since His "Death":

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